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[Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy] this game... Is easily a 9/10.

2022.01.21 19:47 w_paskee [Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy] this game... Is easily a 9/10.

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2022.01.21 19:47 xlFLASHl 1 pack, 4 URs, 0 from Featured. Best or worst luck?

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2022.01.21 19:47 BeautyOfTheMoon New position, same company - salary negotiations?

I’m being offered a new role within the same company, completely different department and function more on track with what I want to do.
When I joined this company my salary took a huge hit. This role has the potential to get me back to where I was which is more on par with my value, experience, proven KPIs with the company etc. The huge hit means I’ll be negotiating up a huge hill.
Any advice or suggestions on how to handle this?
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2022.01.21 19:47 ObjectiveGround5 Interactive 2-Way Lucid Dreaming For Use In Mental Health, Learning & Creativity - Dr Ken Paller, Ph.D., Northwestern University

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2022.01.21 19:47 LinkyLadWasTaken Question about game saves

So theoretically if I have a steam account we will call Steam1 and another steam account we will call Steam2. If i have my save data in Steam1 and I log out and login to Steam2 (which has most of the games Steam1 has) Will I still have the progress from Steam1 if i’m using steam2? If not, how would I transfer it?
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2022.01.21 19:47 Crazy_Dawid Whitch one to build my team around?!

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2022.01.21 19:47 mumblestheword Hilo, Hawaii

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2022.01.21 19:47 chanidax IEA ''Loses'' 200 Million Barrels Of Crude Oil | OilPrice.com

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2022.01.21 19:47 The-Cypher did i mess up by clicking on the first link and trying to log-in thinking its poloniex?

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2022.01.21 19:47 jsallison5 Does the higher end equipment we buy train us to listen better or is it the the hours that we spend listening?

I fully understand the quality of the equipment makes it much easier to analyze what’s hitting our ears. The reason I place this for consideration, I grabbed my old trusty friend an Oppo HA-2 SE and a set of Koss KPH30is to take my wife shopping. As the music played I started realize I was hearing the wood of the drummers sticks on the count off, the decay of symbol. On certain recordings the image placement and sound stage were good? Now I’m a fan of these headphones for the price add a pad swap and I think they are a great value $32. Toss them in your bag so you always have a pair of headphones. Now I also believe that without the better equipment I would have never know what those elements sounded like hearing room dynamics, depth of stage or how when playing in the same room shapes the sound differently. What are your thoughts?
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2022.01.21 19:47 Gibb_Dogg23 Techno statue

I think techno is gathering materials to make a giant statue of himself
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2022.01.21 19:47 DapperTattoo With all the alt paths that this game had, what about not becoming the ghost?

So one of the first trophies that you get is for following Yuna’s way and becoming dishonored, I think that with the way that Iki plays and is different depending on what point in the game you are in and what missions you’ve completed that being able to say no and just be a Samurai would’ve been a cool touch, no ghost weapons just Jin and his 4 stances against the horde 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔
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2022.01.21 19:47 Mak56410 Troubles troubles troubles

I come to this sub for some news, tips, accessories advises, and maybe some usage tips. However 90% of the posts I find here are about troubles they are having about their folds and many many cracked screens posts.
I'm a fold3 user since launch, dropped several times, fidget fold/unfold type of person and I've never had any issues with the phone and everything is still intact (hopefully after this post I won't get a Crack right after pressing POST).
Should there maybe be a sub dedicated for troubleshooting and nagging about the phones? I find myself now rarely coming to this sub because of the posts about troubles.
Idk just felt sad for a moment that there are no good posts lately...
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2022.01.21 19:47 -Zahard- [Novels] The emotional importance of Cor Leonis in Arc 7

Since the start of Arc 7, Subaru hasn’t used Cor Leonis once, I really thought that was kind of weird and I started thinking about it… a lot We know that for Cor Leonis to work it will need 2 main things:
1.- Subaru and Person X need to have an emotional connection or trust
2.- Person X needs to be in a certain radius of Subaru or it will not connect
The fist time (And only I think) Subaru has ever thought of using Cor Leonis was at the start of Arc 7, when Rem ran from him, he thought that Cor Leonis will not work because for Rem, Subaru was a stranger, so he decided to not use it because also it will hurt him emotionally.
Since then, he has never thought of using it, even so when Todd was chasing him or in the Bloodless Siege when it could be used, and I started to think why, and the answer I think is correct is: He feels alone
He is in an unknown country, helping the only one he can, who in exchange will help him to get to Lugnica safe, the people he trusts is nowhere to be seen, Rem is like another person, and death is literally around the corner if he messes up
Since he got to Vollachia its been around 2 or 3 weeks, from that time I think he has opened to more people and has made a connection, he can trust certain people, but maybe those people don’t really see him as a full ally.
So, who can he use Cor Leonis on?
1.- Rem: Nah, She doesn’t know anything from her past and even though Subaru has told her about a few things, she doesn’t really want to fully trust those words. I think Subaru is afraid of even trying to use Cor Leonis on her because the emotional recoil, if it fails, he will start striking his head into the wall again
2.- Vincent: Maybe, but more “no” than “yes”. Vincent has shown in certain times respect from him and even put all his chips on Subaru’s decisions, which were life or death situations. But for Subaru, Vincent doesn’t really seem trustworthy, he didn’t tell him about the danger of going to Guradal after the raid in the camp, he has told him to multiples times that “Sacrifices are necessary” which are really hard words for Subaru, so I don’t really think that a conection between those two exist… for now.
3.- Taritta/Medium: Yes, both of them have shown concern about Subaru and even are willing to put their lives to save him from danger.
4.- Al: I really don’t know about this one, Al seems really, really sus. We still don’t know the whole Rem/Ram problem that he has (Even Rem in the latest SS noticed how he was giving certain hostile vibes from him) We don’t know why he is helping Subaru in becoming a “Hero” even though in Arc 5 he was very against the very same idea. From Subaru’s POV, I think he can be seen trustworthy, he even has “died” protecting him from Olbart and the Kid in the latest chapter. Even more, Louis seems to “hate” him for whatever reason.
And now the most important person, which I think he will use Cor Leonis first in this Arc: Louis
But before that, I want to talk about the concept of “Cor Leonis” a bit, in simple terms, it allows to Subaru to carry the burden of his allies, be it fatigue, pain or emotional states. Also, it allows to understand their positions in the field.
In the latest chapter, the ability of Yorna, “Soul Marriage” was explained as a contract between two people using their Od, and I think that Cor Leonis works in the same principle, maybe even more complex, I think Cor Leonis can “connect the Od” of the people Subaru trust to him, and allowing Subaru to make even more “connections”, like when he “shared the pain” with Beatrice at the end of Arc 6
The key part of Cor Leonis is to make connection with the Od of other people, with this, we can come back to Louis
From the start of Arc 7, Louis has been a wild card, she is extremely attached to Subaru, even giving her life to save him multiples times, from Subaru’s POV, she is an enemy to exterminate, but in reality, we still don’t know who is this “Louis”
She can’t be the same Louis (Amnibaru) of Arc 6, she is terrified of him, she can’t even hear his name without freaking out
She also can’t be the Louis of the Od Laguna; she wouldn’t give her life to save him or treat other people with unknown agendas (Al) for Subaru with hostility
We know its not the Green Spirit from the Tower, since I think it being gone in the Novels doesn’t exist
So, what is left? The obvious theory of Louis having the “essence of Rem” inside her, this would make the most sense so far, we have seen Rem giving her life to save Subaru a lot of times in Arc 3. We still don’t know why she acts like a kid, it may be because that isn’t her body, the same goes for AmniRem, maybe Louis is inside her, because from her POV, Rem is absolutely, the most guarded person in the world, Subaru will do the impossible to make sure she will be safe 24/7, and since she got her “death fear” in Arc 6, it would be possible to in a desperate attempt to live he put her soul (Od) inside Rem.
But what about Cor Leonis with Louis, I think Subaru will slowly, but surely open his heart to Louis, and when he uses Cor Leonis with Louis, he will know that inside Louis is Rem and Louis being in Rem’s body, and somehow with Cor Leonis he will save her
I think this will happen in the “last loop” in the Arc, Rem (Louis) being the final boss of the Arc will make for a fine closure, what do you think?
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2022.01.21 19:47 wine-a-bit Suggestion: Weighted heating pads on Amazon!

I have always used a regular heating pad to help with pain, but for Christmas I got a weighted heating pad. It is weighted with glass beads. And let me tell you, it’s life changing!!! I highly recommend looking into this for pain management. You can get one on amazon
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2022.01.21 19:47 1FREEDNBCOM BEATPORT EXCLUSIVES ONLY: WEEK 03 [2022] - 22 January 2022 - #Best Of #Electronic,

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2022.01.21 19:47 VanillaLaceKisses Late night food places to hopefully dine in near the beach tonight?

I’d be getting down there approx 11-11:30, so hopefully some place that closes 12:30 or later. I’ve had a hell of a week and I just wanna drive, get some comfort food, then drive back.
Anything between Rehoboth and Ocean City, will consider Seaford or Salisbury if there isn’t anything available.
(If there’s nothing, I have no problem getting a RoFo burger lol)
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2022.01.21 19:47 pull_bunyan Katya Townsend & Jayci Goldsmith

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2022.01.21 19:47 PlentyNothings Trust the magic of new beginnings! Fill ur code bars with either the discount code "9GAGYESSTYLE" or "DRDRAY" or "RING22" and rewards code "JAZA4793"

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2022.01.21 19:47 Jigglypuff2cute Was my sister's boyfriend using our family?

For about a year my mom was really bad with my sister. She snuck out to go live with her boyfriends family at 19 and didn't bother to let us know until after my mom called to ask where she was. It took a long time for my mom to see that not everything my sister does was a personal attack. She just does dumb stuff without thinking like telling my mom she's coming to visit and not letting us know if she can't make it. After their kid was born my mom started calming down a lot faster. But then trouble started with my brother and her boyfriend. Her bf likes to talk and makes jokes without really caring what others think about it and after a few jokes directed at him they've had issues. They both are addicted to online gaming. Where they live they don't get good connection so as soon as they come over he sets up 2 x-box's and a laptop. 1 to play games and another to watch movies/shows for the kid. I tried to get them to try to share the internet usage but it didn't last. Her bf doesn't think that my brother deserves to be on the internet so he tries to hog it up as much as he can. Claiming that it's not his fault that his console is newer and better than my brothers. My sister doesn't drive (claims she has no time even though she only has a side job) and her bf hates going to the doctors so usually when my sister or nephew need to see a doctor they will appear at my house and ask if my mom or dad can drive them to the doctor because they don't have enough money for gas. The big thing her bf does is food. Around dinner time they will call us and ask what we are having for dinner, if he doesn't like it then he will go out to eat and then come and eat what we have while making side comments about the food. Last time they came over my mom tried to feed my nephew (who is a year and 3 months) leftover soup from the night before. Her bf said he cant eat that it's too old and tried to feed his son pizza instead. My mom got annoyed and told him that she would never feed a baby old food and my brother told him that if he doesn't like the food we have then he can go eat at home. My sisters bf said that he had to leave because they had stuff to do and they haven't been back in 2 weeks. My mom has been claiming that he only visits to get free food, gas, and to use our internet. What do you guys think?
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2022.01.21 19:47 Glittering_Bee_1706 UTM PSY220 past exams

Does anyone have Dax’s exams after 2018? I can only find exams before 2018 in the library.
Also a success package can be really helpful, if anyone has the intention to sell, please msg me, thank you!
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2022.01.21 19:47 slylo7 .

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2022.01.21 19:47 yohnvoker Las Vegas Villains? MLS, Villa duo to talk new team

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2022.01.21 19:47 fony06 Skye blue and Christi Jaynes vs hyan and Sierra

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2022.01.21 19:47 DaMemeBoi_ I'm sorry, everyone...

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