Sentences that you never heard form your parents, but will probably shock you if you do hear them.

2021.11.27 02:41 SmartCable13 Sentences that you never heard form your parents, but will probably shock you if you do hear them.

"I'm sorry"
"I love you"
"it was my fault"
"I'm proud of you"
These are generally my parents unspoken words to their children. I don't care about hearing "I love you" from them at this point, but I don't know what sort of brainwash they went through that saying sorry is such a rare thing from them. It's like as if dictatorship runs in the vein of Asian family household. Family hierarchy is such a stupid system in AP.
What are some unspoken words from your AP that might shock you?
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2021.11.27 02:41 magicmike6998 Best friends (iktr)

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2021.11.27 02:41 giogno when I was very small, I even got lost at Coney Island, but they found me (AI Generated)

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2021.11.27 02:41 CreamyKiller Still don't understand why Lelouch didn't keep his Geass eye covered when meeting with Euphy...

Did he somehow forget the power his eye held when he was talking to Euphy in that meeting?
Was he relying on the fact that he wouldn't make eye contact with her, not even once?
Why didn't he at least wear an eye batch or any cloth piece over his eye to prevent the Geass from working?
Why were such important precautionary measures overlooked by Lelouch?
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2021.11.27 02:41 DepthLost6977 Hail Sithis!

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2021.11.27 02:41 mikey_tokyo Any single girls out there looking to get in a relationship?

I’ve been in uni for 6 years now and it seems impossible to find anyone that is down for a date or even give people a try. Idk I’m kinda giving up but I just want to see if there are still girls out there looking for relationships still.
PS: new account for privacy reasons.
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2021.11.27 02:41 iamcalew SatireA little lighter content

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2021.11.27 02:41 Nice_Efficiency4503 so true

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2021.11.27 02:41 RingOfTime What’s something nearly every human alive on Earth does?

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2021.11.27 02:41 Royal-Attorney-2533 join best discord

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2021.11.27 02:41 Ezramadika I don't know why why but sonic.exes poses in act 2 reminds me of this

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2021.11.27 02:41 latte_yen Avalanche's first memecoin SDOG ends in a $30M rug-pull

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2021.11.27 02:41 Fun-Low6342 Praying VTO pops up

Anyone else staring at their phone praying that VTO pops up or am I alone?
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2021.11.27 02:41 BlackFireDemon just.... WHY

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2021.11.27 02:41 keepwaterpure Is CORE water good water?

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2021.11.27 02:41 Stupid15yoSlut ive successfully pissed my mum off with my bisexuality

went on a rant about how much i love women and shes finally snapped and said:
"you probably wont think the same way when your older, you just appreciate women's beauty"
and then shes saying gay people have a mental defect and shit
mfer youre literally bi too wtf :(
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2021.11.27 02:41 jimogavlin 💎Do you want a Cartoon Cartel? Join The Das channel. There is easy active 🎁NFTGIVEAWAY🎁. Link at the comment!

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2021.11.27 02:41 purplecatuniverse Is my apartment complex obligated to temporarily move the water heater that’s blocking me from putting my washer/dryer in the laundry room?

I want to make sure my roommate and I are within our legal rights as tenants in Alabama.
When I applied to this apartment complex I had a clash with the front desk employee. It was a long and drawn out process that culminated in the employee threatening to sabotage my application and me sending a very detailed email to the regional manager in which I described the employee’s behavior. So she has some beef with me — a fact I feel is relevant because she is the only front desk employee so I have to interact with her and it’s always tense. The manager (not the regional manager) has always been polite but she is rarely available.
The unit is advertised as having washedryer hookups and it is also in our lease. We measured the laundry room door and it is very narrow, but eventually we found a washer and dryer that will fit through the doorway after the door itself is removed. It’s the smallest we could find. Unfortunately, when the machines were delivered in early October the installer discovered that the water heater juts out in such a way that neither washer or dryer will fit no matter what we tried. So the installer told me that the apartment would have to temporarily move the water heater.
So I submitted the maintenance request, but also emailed the manager so that she could relay more details to maintenance, which she said she would do. A couple weeks went by without hearing anything, so I brought it up to a maintenance employee when he came for another issue. He said his supervisor probably ignored the request because it was very involved to move a water heater (he mentioned it would have to be drained) but he said he would write it down.
Early November, I went by the office with my roommate to pay rent. I had to interact with the front desk employee who rudely told me that she couldn’t accept our rent money + our pet fees in the same money order so we couldn’t pay rent. The same maintenance man from earlier was standing right next to her desk, so my roommate and I brought up the water heater issue.
The maintenance employee told us that the supervisor refused to do anything about the water heater. He said that the supervisor refused to do it because all the hot water heaters were the same in each unit and all the other residents “had figured it out”. He also mumbled something about it being a “fair housing issue” and said if they did it for us they would have to do it for everyone else. I asked if we could hire our own plumber and I was told that we could at our own expense. We attempted to find an outside plumber. My roommate talked to two plumbers and a master carpenter (my roommate’s father) who will not do the job because they do not believe it is appropriate to work on an apartment because it is the apartment complex that should be contracting those sorts of jobs.
So I sent an email to the manager, honestly expecting her to say she’d look into it and I figured it would be handled. In the email I said that I thought the situation was a breach of contract. Our lease says we have washer and dryer connections and so, ultimately, if we cannot physically fit the machines into the laundry room we functionally do not have washedryer connections as contractually promised. I feel like my roommate and I did everything we could since we bought the smallest washedryers available to us and we were very willing to pay for a plumber. That’s how I feel about it but obviously my knowledge of the law and my rights as a tenant is negligible. Also I have no knowledge of water heaters.
I also don’t have much faith in the maintenance team to do it. When I moved in I didn’t have hot water and the (brand new) water heater was on and leaking with exposed hot wires. It also very much seemed like maintenance was only turning down the job because it was too labor-intensive and not because of fair housing laws or whatever else. And then I have zero faith in the communication between maintenance, the front desk employee, and the manager. They are all very friendly with each other and I feel like they have labeled my roommate and I Karens because of the incident with the front desk employee.
The manager responded to me and said:

I am going to have to push this up to my manager [the regional manager] and see her thoughts. Unfortunately, I cannot make this call due to the extensive labor, and dangers, of moving the water heater. I will let you know what is decided.
(I don’t really understand this response. I get that there are dangers but they are the ones that installed the water heater in the first place.)
My roommate is adamant that if they still refuse to move the water heater we should get a lawyer. Do we have a legal leg to stand on? Any other advice?
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2021.11.27 02:41 Needsleep563 Best way to change myself for the better

More context When i look back at my old self I realized the way i used to act wasn’t good and I tried to change it but even now i basically still act the same. How do i actually change myself for the better and keep it that way
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2021.11.27 02:41 Mr_Scandinavia I overthink too much :(

Thats it
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2021.11.27 02:41 thegamerchild Help! I bought this game today but I must be missing something!

I’ve tried lock picking an average door heaps but it just won’t go! Watched tutorials, tried again and again but it seems that the lock thingy just won’t get ‘locked’ up. Can anyone give me any tips or tutorials because I think I’m missing something…
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2021.11.27 02:41 aus_sidney [Leafs] Congrats on 300, Kerfy! 👏 #LeafsForever

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2021.11.27 02:41 Thermic832 precious scars build, how'd I do?

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2021.11.27 02:41 playingwithechoes Tales from the SoArch Tattler No. 30 The Turkey Joke That Flew Over Head

Grab a chair and lend me your ear (technically your eyes) as I recount some of the legends, lore, and deepest secrets of the CMU School of Architecture. As a survivor of architorture, this alumni is glad to write as many of them down that can be recollected for the next generation to discover the character and intrigue of their institution's past. You might find these stories unbelievable, but alas, not believing in gravity will not grant you the ability to fly. So take them for what they are.
In the upper years, archies are introduced to the nicest engineer in the world. The jolly old fellow would teach them the basics to thermal calculations and various climate control systems necessary to stop energy leaks. In his daily piles of paper to hand out to students were cutouts, charts, and funny comics dating back to the days of the space race. He knew most students would eventually discard them; but as he put it, this was their chance to acquire valuable information and not need to pay engineering consultants thousands of dollars in design fees in the future. Those timeless rules of thumb were what most engineering firms still used to size building systems. Every Thanksgiving week, he would arrive to class with his favorite little Turkey mascot and deliver a challenge to the class for that long four day weekend:
Propose a lunar station that featured turkeys and cranberries as the source of food and materials. Figure out what uses there are for those birds and plants and see if a station could live off of them. Figure out factors that might affect the lunar station.
Granted, this was a bit of a joke and year after year, students would barely get a single kind of system or concept done during the holiday. It always ended up as a conversation starter the following lecture until one year he picked the one guy over whose head, the Turkey Joke flew like a Saturn rocket.
That Tuesday morning, the professor was surprised by a thick stack of a dozen or so pages outlining the inner workings of the proposed space station. Oxygen creation by cranberry plants, solar-heated molten salt energy reserves, paneled wall insulation, waste heat recycling, water reuse, systems integration- anything and everything he could have wanted was there on the calculated project cheekily codenamed “Salt and Battery” after the primary electrical system. It was an overly detailed analysis with handwritten notes that clearly took up the entire four day weekend.
Colleagues that year were stunned at the amount of work and panicked at the endless pages thrown up on the projection screen. It was not meant to be a serious assignment, right? The teacher confirmed this but happily took the report to analyze the numbers further. Sometime later, he returned it to the kid with the greatest compliment received: “It could actually work based on how you designed it.”
With that Turkey tradition as the exception, there are generally no other space-related problems for archies to tackle at Carnegie Mellon. The rest of studio projects or special design exercises seem to be grounded on just earthly concerns. Nobody else thinks to bring archies on board for galactic opportunities despite the need for space architecture someday; but should you or Musk himself happen to find yourselves planning Thanksgiving at your own personal Mars colony someday, I might know a rather serious guy that can help.
The SoArch Tattler.
“Veritas Ex Cinere”
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