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Office space.

2021.11.27 03:19 smefTV Office space.

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2021.11.27 03:19 YaCantFindM3-Unknown Lost my Evolution perks?

I am looking for a list of ways that evolution perks for main character (one that you control) could lose
I am only talking of evolution, not mutation. I had about 8 evolution perks and somehow I lost them all, I would like to know of ways that they could be lost cuz I dont know what I did for it to happen

I have only been a player for about 3-4 days, so I am pretty sure I did something without knowing it effected something and then lost my perks. I dont check perk list too much cuz it is the same unless I use a evo potion or a mutation potion, which is once per day, vs the time I play it which is a LOT of the day with 5-8 hours today alone and only checking perks once after using a mutation potion. And yes I checked, the mutation's are still there and and the evo is gone
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2021.11.27 03:19 ZXPHYRBEATS distrocore distrocore dIsTrOcOrE

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2021.11.27 03:19 Kw0nToN end of an era.

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2021.11.27 03:19 King_Bosh Boost 4 Boost

Comment when done, will get back Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/5gIshygCQeb
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2021.11.27 03:19 alper The hedge of reason: they are not just for the countryside

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2021.11.27 03:19 Brilliant_Monitor516 Wtf is this?? What did i do wrong?

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2021.11.27 03:19 Osiris121 Avenger Titan Renegade and Pico

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2021.11.27 03:19 poopooinmypantsfun yeah

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2021.11.27 03:19 wantedbyirs Enlighten me retards on ur yolo recomendations

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2021.11.27 03:19 lethargicmagician I like Davina

She actually has the best style on the show I think. She is also the most mysterious and intellectual. And although she was gauche at Christine’s wedding, she’s not that bad.
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2021.11.27 03:19 dark__ronin Questions about Interview process for SD intern summer'22

Just received email from HR at epic for phone interview and I scheduled it on 3rd December. In the confirmation email, I was asked to schedule assessment on Examity portal and was told to complete it within 5 days. Did anyone here had same timeline? I am freaking out since I am not that prepared for leetcode medium level questions. Moreover, I have finals and assignment/project submissions in first and second week of December. I have emailed them asking for an extension for the assessment. Former SD interns/current SD, what is the whole process of interview like and what was your timeline for the whole process? Please advice on how shall I prepare. Any tips guidance will be very helpful.
PS: This is my first ever company interview lol. I did one research internship in my undergrad and went for ms in CE immediately.
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2021.11.27 03:19 casualsims Skins

Just wanted to know if you guys use any custom skin? If you do could suggest me where to get them. Thank you
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2021.11.27 03:19 Available_Lack_9930 Advice for short men, go for taller women, coming from a tall guy

I'm a 6'2 guy and for all the short dudes out there I can assure you that the biggest height queens are not tall women but short women. Women that are like 5'5 and under flock to me than anything and I ask them if they like guys that aren't tall, specifically guys that are short. They say no and they never are interested in them. I get A LOT of these women saying this. I personally find it a huge turn off and I actually like taller women myself like at least 5'7 cause it'd just way more comfortable.
I have short friends that are guys and they're with taller women and very happy with each other. Also seen a few guy that was something like 5'2 and under with tall women, they seemed happy. The tall women I talk to say they also have competition with shorter women and they realize that guys like shorter women more, they say their cuter etc... so taller women are in the same boat and they can look past height whereas with short women, they can afford to be picky and a lot of them are obsessed with height.
I've never really gotten this vibe from taller women, it's interesting. Shoot your shot bros. If I have short buddies with tall women it's a good match and totally doable.
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2021.11.27 03:19 alper The metaverse is just the latest incarnation of Las Vegas

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2021.11.27 03:19 libbysm33 I [20F] don't trust my boyfriend [22M]

So let me preface by saying that my boyfriend [22M] is the absolute sweetest man I've ever met. He's so respectful, so caring and supportive, and has never directly given me any reason not to trust him. In fact, I feel safe with him. I feel comfortable.
The problem is I was sexually assaulted earlier this year, shortly before meeting him. And now I have PTSD and have a hard time trusting any man I see. Despite being absolutely head over heels in love with my boyfriend, I just imagine him doing awful things to me. Any time we do anything sexual, he makes sure I'm comfortable with it and checks throughout to make sure I'm fine, which I am. He knows consent is really important to me because of my experience with assault, so it's always reassuring when he does this.
We have known each other for 6 months, and we've already breached sexual activity, so I figure at this point that if he was going to assault me he'd have done it by now. And obviously, knowing him how I know him, I trust him implicitly. The only problem is I constantly have this little nagging voice in my head screaming "Danger!"
I see a therapist, but we had to reschedule our last meeting, and she's super booked so it's been more than a month since I've seen her (supposed to see her next week). I just need to know if there's any way I can stop the voice in my head telling me not to trust my boyfriend, who is one of the only men I DO trust currently.
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2021.11.27 03:19 eyedontknowhowthiswo what a disrespectful CUNT. fuck u Tricia

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2021.11.27 03:19 couponfordeals 52% off > $24.99 < BlitzWolf BW-FLB3 Gaming TWS Earphone Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Czech Warehouse]

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2021.11.27 03:19 snoohbunny4u 37 F What ya think?

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2021.11.27 03:19 alper The perfect Swiss mountain retreat

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2021.11.27 03:19 No_Debate_8183 New boot question (sizing)

Hi folks, I am trying to get into some small touring adventures with some new friends in the coming winter and years. I sadly don’t have access to a shop with touring boots (not currently in NA or EU) so will have to order something online.
In my effort to “use what I’ve got” can I basically count on ordering the same mondopoint in order for it to use my current bindings? I have the pivot 15s already and would prefer the cast system. Currently ski a older Salomon “X-wave” 110 boot in 28.5.
TLDR: is the mondopoint # indicative of the boot shell sizes across manufacturers?
Appreciate y’all’s help. Apparently I only buy gear once a generation.
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2021.11.27 03:19 JonnyManhattan RFK Jr. should get a pass for being a conspiracy theorist.

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2021.11.27 03:19 IncompleteRiver Proposed flag for a unified South America

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2021.11.27 03:19 Zethsterbro This is fine?

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2021.11.27 03:19 alper European gas shortage will push up fertiliser costs and food prices

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