The most popular Pokemon in Sword and Shield competitive play

2021.10.19 16:06 NFTsAreAScam The most popular Pokemon in Sword and Shield competitive play

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2021.10.19 16:06 edgarfr0gg What's the difference between Quinoa and Cous Cous

They are differently spelt
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2021.10.19 16:06 asoulinthisworld Fantasy offseason

With how things are going and slow days ahead i thought about a fantasy offseason lol
You have to build a roster with 9 starters and 5 starting pitchers, 4 relievers and a closer
You can only add 5 players and they can be from any position
I’ll start:
LF: Arozarena
SS: Wander
DH: Ohtani*
1B: Guerrero Jr*
OF: Trout*
2B: Lowe
3B: Diaz
RF: Meadows
C: Zunino
Starting pitchers:
1- DeGrom*
2- Glasnow
3- Ohtani*
4- Shane
5- Baz
1- Kittredge
2- Fairbanks
3- Rasmussen
4- McHugh
1- Hadar*
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2021.10.19 16:06 DistrictCivil7246 "Monster Building" - Hong Kong

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2021.10.19 16:06 fnmikey So so close

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2021.10.19 16:06 DarkCharizard81 They dropped down one by one

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2021.10.19 16:06 SouravKSahu what are boners

and why didn't i get them even tho i am a boy....?
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2021.10.19 16:06 every1111wish Can indian parents legally ask their kids to pay back all the money that was spent to raise them.

I'm 25. Growing up, I was and still am subjected to a lot of emotional and physical abuse from my parents. So I had planned to completely cut ties with them once I'm out of college. We recently had an argument over me not wanting them to make anymore decisions about my life (including marriage) and how i want nothing to do with them or their money in the future. To this my dad threatened to legally make me pay all the expenses involved in raising me. This also includes my college fees.
I'm ready to pay back my college expenses. But i wanna know if i legally owe them every single penny that was used to raise me.
Also I'm ready to give up my share of the family inheritance. Could that be used to cover some of the expenses. I would do anything to cut ties off with them.
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2021.10.19 16:06 Smita-Arjun One picture million words!

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2021.10.19 16:06 telepathist11 Why I’m $1.8 Million into THESE 2 Stocks---OPFI is in the same industry as AFRM and SOFI

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2021.10.19 16:06 No_Citron_9798 God I love masterbating

I just wanked 10th time today fuck y’all
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2021.10.19 16:06 Visual-Palpitation45 Vodafone external attacks

I get a message everytime I enter a website without https...
Is there a way to fix this or what is this?
Am I being spyed ?
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2021.10.19 16:06 UnDead_Ted Daily Dose Verse of the day: 2 Peter 3:9

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2021.10.19 16:06 Massive_Dinner 🔸▪️MiniBnb 🔸▪️| Stealth Launch 5 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

🔸▪️MiniBnb 🔸▪️| Stealth Launch 5 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾
🔸Have you been looking for the next moonshot ? 🔥🔥🔥

After taking a look at many projects, I have found the one that I believe that will absolutely moon ! This will for sure be the moonshot of October.

✅ What is MiniBnb and ?

▪️MiniBnb is a redistributive token with a tiered giveaway strategy. Get redistributions in MiniBNB and get BNB in the tiered giveaway! The more MiniBNB you hold, the higher tier you will be in for a chance to win a BNB giveaway!

Hop in before it’s too late.

🔸A truly innovative project that is going to moon 100%.Hold your assets and get awesome returns ! 📈


💵4% Tax on every transaction

🔁 2% MiniBNB redistribution

📰 2% to Marketing

🔒Liquidity will be Locked

📑 Certik & Techrate Audits Incoming

📍 No staking, HODL to earn 💰

🚀 100x potential

✅ How will the team increase the tokens value ?

▪️The team will do explosive marketing. Lots of promotions like Poocoin Ads and promotions with huge influencers. With a clear end goal of reaching a 1B market cap within the first couple of months after launch.

Contract : 0xc5f8ba43978e1970355dde9e3655e84633e43b2d

Buy :


🗳 Telegram :

💻 Website : ( COMING SOON )
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2021.10.19 16:06 Turki-s Tell me a novel is bad without telling me it’s bad

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2021.10.19 16:06 Fearless-Magician-52 What colour do we like seeing? 🥰

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2021.10.19 16:06 juicedagod 1st post on r/SC: We're also not here to ban you for disagreeing with us. Give us hell! Keep us honest! If you hate an opinion, don't downvote it, feel free to tell us why you hate it. Don't ever feel that you'll get removed from this sub because you've expressed yourself.

I'm literally sharing this here because I'm banned next door for saying something that the mods disagreed with. And disagreeing with someone who made a post.
I just formally asked them to reinstate me, and I would behave if they did. I'm not extremely optimistic, but if it happens then there is a God...
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2021.10.19 16:06 caffeineaddict24 What good is an econ degree?

I've been interested and it's my 2nd choice
I've done plenty of research but I wanna get a students prospective rather than a blog or YouTube video.
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2021.10.19 16:06 NewsElfForEnterprise Sporty 2022 Honda Civic Si revealed with this old-school feature

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2021.10.19 16:06 LegatusMatheas Tips for Noobie?

So I'm new to Paradox games but played a good amount of CK3 in January. I stopped because of grad school. I've tried many times playing as Croatia and even Alfred in the UK. I just can't build my kingdom into something stable. Either succession destroys my kingdom before I can get crown authority up, or I get tag teamed by everyone at the same time. Tips?
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2021.10.19 16:06 Sammas__ Collin Sexton's Fantasy Value after failing to reach an extension deal

The deadline for contract extensions was met last night, and one of those players that could not reach an extension deal with their team was Collin Sexton. Sexton was projected to have his best overall season this year with the Cavs, said to average upwards of 2 points per night, however, I'm not sure whether this disagreement will affect his fantasy value.
So what do you think? Will becoming a restricted free agent at the end of this season affect his usage and overall value this season?
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2021.10.19 16:06 murde_inc New Mel C intv. She chokes up in the video talking about the elimination 🥲

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2021.10.19 16:06 Bestialman Malajube | Le Métronome

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2021.10.19 16:06 joonshin Looking for 6 phoenixes. My Offer is a NFR T-Rex

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2021.10.19 16:06 VirtualTechnician913 Everything gone on PS5. All is just on my Switch?

Does anybody know why I’m back at level 5 without any skins etc. when I play om my PS5? I played a lot on my Switch, and everything is still there. Same battlenet account.
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